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angel / demon au + olicity


Oliver always found feathers in his bed after. It should annoy him, it really should. But for some reason, it always made him smile. 

He was a demon, for Satan’s sake. It was one thing to corrupt an angel for fun, it was another to fall in love with her. He was pretty sure if this was a competition, then she’d be winning. 

A soft chuckle caught his attention then and he turned to see her leaning in the doorway to his bedroom. She was wearing one of his shirts, a long, dark green number that reached mid-thigh, and holding an overlarge mug of coffee in her hands. “I don’t know how one man can look so happy and so grumpy at the same time,” she mused, walking toward him on the tips of her toes. Because the floor was always cold and she hated having to put on slippers or socks. She was a funny little thing like that.

Her toes were painted pink this time. He sighed. He was the worst demon alive. He really was. 

But then she was reaching for him, sliding a hand up his chest, over the puckered scars his human body could never get rid of. Every place her fingers touched turned black, symbols and markings bleeding through for a moment before they sunk back beneath his skin, hidden from plain sight. He caught her chin and tipped it up to kiss her, his hand burying in her hair, fingers tripping over curls and silver feathers alike. 

Angels and demons were forbidden from being together. 

A funny thing, when he thought about it. The forbidden was what demons loved most. 

But there were limits. 

Demons could play, could tempt, could do everything in their power to turn an angel dark. But just as they had the power to corrupt the angels, the angels were just as capable of making a dark soul light again. And Felicity was doing a pretty good job of trying to do just that. 

Or was she? 

Sometimes he didn’t know.

Sometimes he thought she liked him just as he was, dark and brooding and full of sin and tragedy. 

She tasted like coffee and hope and sunshine. He breathed it in, wrapping an arm around her waist and hauling her in close, grinning as she laughed against his mouth, hitching one leg up high on his waist and lifting herself up, her arm wrapping around his neck. 

When she pulled back from his lips, her own were swollen. He took her coffee from her and placed it on the bedside table before he slid his fingers under the hem of her shirt and up her thigh, teasing over soft skin. 

She cupped his face, her thumb stroking over his cheek, and then she bent to kiss his stubbled chin, her hair sifting over the back of his arm as she did.

He breathed in deeply, that floral scent of her, full of peace and love. His nostrils flared; he shouldn’t like it so much. He should like sulfur and fire and the crisp scent of smoke. His eyes flashed black, the pupils a bloody red. But she didn’t cringe, she didn’t pull back or flinch. Instead, she pressed a kiss to his brow.

"You want some help getting those feathers out of your sheets?" she asked softly, rubbing her fingers up and over the hollows and arches of his face. 

He shook his head, sliding his hands under her thighs and squeezing before he turned and pressed her back against the mattress. “Let’s add some more instead,” he murmured, before he tore the shirt open, sending buttons flying, and knelt between her thighs. 

She grinned up at him. His angel. Felicity. Bright as sunshine and soft as satin. 

He’d probably never make it to heaven; he’d never really wanted to. But this was as close to it as he could imagine anything being, and as long as she’d have him, he wasn’t going anywhere. 

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Pure magic!!!



Olicity AU(Alternate Universe): It’s been 2 days. 48 hours. 2880 minutes. 172800 seconds since Felicity and Oliver got a call saying their nanny had been murdered and their 5 month old baby boy had been stolen for ransom. 2 days. too long. Neither Oliver or Felicity have slept or ate since.

Oliver blamed himself. He knew he had enemies. When you’re CEO of a mutilbillion company, it’s common sense to have bodyguards surrounding your family 24/7. However being CEO also had it’s perks like knowing people that had connections in the FBI. Their most trained and skilled agent was assigned to this mission. His name is John Diggle and he promises to bring their son home safe and sound.

Thank you. I have been dying to see something like this since this episode aired. Perfect gif set perfect drabble!!!


Question? Do u feel the writers have assigned each character a color besides Oliver in green, obviously. Smallville did it with the main characters , or at least a color scheme. Think that’s something they are doing with Arrow?


Anonymous asked:

olicity + oliver is a werewolf + mates


Raisa used to tell him stories when he was a young boy, before his fangs could do much more damage than the bite of a mosquito. Tales of mates, of wolves who were destined for a love so great that fate had marked their partner for them to one day find. As a pup, he’d believed those stories, convincing himself that she was out there somewhere, waiting for him, that one day, when he was long grown up, he would go out and find his mate. 

But, as boys do, he grew up and out of that fantasy. Being a boy who had to hide his… affliction, he had more pressing matters than whether or not he found his supposed ‘mate.’ Werewolves were what humans considered legends. Personally, he thought he was more like legendary, but whatever, he’d cope.

He’d cope with the furry little problem his father had passed down to him (thanks a lot, dad), somehow skipping Thea but leaving him stuck with one night a month where he was a little… violent. Having grown up with it, however, violent became more like cranky, and if it every became worse than that, there was always the dungeon of questionable decor, especially that wall of chains… 

He was fifteen before he gained complete control, trading in murderous tendencies for a headache and the urge to tell every single person he met to go fuck themselves. It was no surprise that people thought Oliver was a little out of control, chalking it up to having grown up in a life full of pampering and no rules when, in fact, there were a lot of rules. Like ‘thou shalt not eat the neighbors… or the staff… or any family members… or really just anyone, ever.’ Ugh, rules

So, high school was a tense affair, at least until he realized that there were other ways to relieve tension than going on murderous rampages guided by the moon’s pull. Like sex. Sex was good. Sex was very good. And Oliver was particularly good at sex. So his reputation for being problematic was soon replaced with his reputation for being a good time and freely offering orgasms to any pretty girl he saw. High school wasn’t so bad after that. 

College wasn’t so bad either. Not any of the four he attended and, subsequently, dropped out of. He could blame that on werewolf problems, as he was oft to do, but it was mostly just the fact that he didn’t want to be there. College was not what Oliver saw himself doing for the next four years and taking over his father’s position as CEO wasn’t in the cards either. What he wanted to do, he had no idea, but it wasn’t what they had planned for him. 

He was twenty-three and seriously considering a vacation to somewhere warm and sunny with no expectations or demands of him when everything changed. 

Raisa’s stories were always much more romantic. Werewolf meets girl, girl falls for werewolf immediately, werewolf bites girl, werewolf and were-girl live happily ever after, the end. There was some middle parts he didn’t remember quite as well, but he did remember that they fell under the category of romantic and not… whatever this was. 

She bumped into his table in the middle of a busy coffee shop. He was looking up vacation spots with beautiful, exotic women and bungalows with little more than a bed, which is pretty much all he saw himself needing anyway. It wasn’t like he really needed a vacation, not from anything but his parents’ nagging anyway, but the Queen jet could be ready in an hour and he was an impulsive kind of guy. His mouse was hovering over the buy button for him to purchase his all inclusive package when she’d turned, her bag knocking over the near-full latte he’d been slowly nursing the past half-hour. It toppled over, dousing his laptop, and lap, immediately. With a yelp, he leapt up, a growl growing in his chest, his eyes flashing amber, and his teeth sharpening abruptly. 

"I am so, so sorry. Somebody bumped into me and I bumped into you and— Look, I know it doesn’t seem like it, but it’s salvageable. Trust me, I’m an IT expert, I will personally make sure you didn’t lose anything!” 

Oliver got a handle on his furry side and opened his mouth to snap at her, but the words fled as soon as his eyes met hers. Blue. The brightest shade of blue he’d ever seen in his life. And pink. Lips so pink he thought the simple word was put to shame. And yellow. Blonde curls fell down her shoulder and across her white sweater with little panda heads all over it. His breath hitched in his throat and then, he felt it— a searing in his skin, directly over his heart, just like in Raisa’s stories. He didn’t have to touch it, but he did, feeling his skin pucker and raise. 

A mark. 

A mated mark. 

She stared back at him, at the grimace he wore from the pain still throbbing on his chest. 

"Oookay, so I’m getting the vibe that you’re going to need to think on that… Um." She dug into her bag and found a pen, pulling out a small pad of green sticky notes and scribbling something on one before handing it to him. "That’s my number. I’m Felicity, by the way. I actually have to go, I have a job interview in… wow, five minutes. But, I feel really bad about the whole latte thing, so just, give me a call and I’ll help you out with your computer, all right?" She half-smiled awkwardly as he continued to stare at her in shocked awe. With an uncomfortable noise, she placed the little piece of paper on the table, pushing it a few inches toward him. "Again, sorry." She raised a hand in goodbye, bright yellow orange flashing at him, and then skirted her way through the crowd to get to the door. 

He watched her leave, a goofy smile dressing his mouth. 


Maybe happily ever after wasn’t so far-fetched after all. 

A must Read!!!! Peeeeerrrfection!

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